Transport Logistics

Mobility concepts, IT and supply chain management play a decisive role in the transport of passengers and freight from one point to another. Trainings in this area cover the entire value-added chain to develop a transport logistic concept to promote economic and sustainable development of a company or region. Broaden your options regarding the development and implementation of effective transport solutions based on our extensive experience in mobility and transport projects around the globe. Receive impulses to be able to effectively develop a transport strategy within your specific framework considering triggers and constraints inherent to each project.
Transport logistik
The aim is to explore cargo types and their classification showing how this affects logistics planning as well as different handling tools for an efficient transportation.
The definition, classification and labeling of dangerous goods determines the rules and regulations for safe transportation.
International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) provide a globally applicable standard for delivery terms in international business transactions.
Understanding the primary and essential documents required for cargo transportation and their purpose helps to manage international trading processes effectively.
The transportation process has many unforeseen factors which can have a negative impact. The right risk management approach helps to define possible risks and minimize them.

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