Smart Cities

The designers and planners of the Smart Cities from tomorrow need to develop a strong point of view regarding lifestyle & community. Smart cities require smart mobility with more integrated public transport opportunities and attractive door-to-door mobility solutions. Trainings in this area will reinforce the shared economy to reduce pollution and decrease the travel times, while at the same time meeting the expectations of mobility of the citizens at an adequate cost. Learn how to deliver standard solutions required offering a sustainable, effective and reliable transport infrastructure to the inhabitants of the city. Improve your toolkit to create innovative solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

smart cities
Keeping up to date on innovative technology and trends is essential for the future sustainable development of passenger transport services.
This course makes clear that careful planning and design of a passenger transport system help to achieve a successful integration of all modes of transport.
Most city governments need new tools to apply their transport policies objectives on new services. But often the right tools within the regulatory framework are missing.

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