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Interdisciplinary expertise out of one hand

Our professional trainers utilize various teaching methods and learning formats to impart the technical expertise accumulated by Deutsche Bahn throughout its 180-year history. As experts in their field, they know what is important and how to convey this knowledge in the best way. They not only share their expertise with our participants, but also provide mentoring during training sessions. To ensure that trainers are being well qualified, we train our experts to acquire specific trainer skills, so they are able to perform at the highest standards. Together, we will contribute to the sustainable improvement to the railway system of tomorrow.


Heiko Scholz, Director DB Rail Academy

Our experts from all areas of the DB Group combine a unique wealth of experience, intercultural and educational skillsand are excellent trainers for the railways of tomorrow.
heiko scholz

Ralf Plitzkat, Expert Trainer

For me, it was a wonderful experience to get in contact with so many people from all over the world and from so different industries.

Alexander Hundenborn, Expert Trainer

After the session I was approached by other departments and companies due to my expertise and my good performance as a trainer.

Who are our experts

Our wide ranges of experts are leaders in their field

Our experts for System Rail

system railOur trainings are conducted by professional experts with extensive practical, academic or professional experience within the railway system. The expertise ranges from operations, production planning, infrastructure, rolling stock and environment, to interoperability and intramodality. Our experts will share their knowledge to help you understand the complexity of the system. 

Our experts for Soft Skills & Business Know-how

softskillsOur trainings are conducted by professional experts with knowledge in the various areas within social and business related skills. The expertise ranges from service behavior, conflict management and the ability to work in a team to innovativeness, change management and strategy development. Our experts enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people and run the business efficiently.

Our experts for Innovation & Digitalization

digitalisierungOur trainings are conducted by professional experts with a proven track record of experience in the various areas of digitalization and innovation. Their expertise ranges from new technologies, artificial intelligence in railway operations, block chain and predictive maintenance. Our experts will find with you new ideas, give you new impulses for solving problems and share their knowledge in developing innovative products.

Our experts for Infrastructure

ggOur trainings are conducted by professional experts with extensive professional experience in infrastructure on a practical, operational or academic level of knowledge. The expertise ranges from plots of land and all structures and facilities required to process rail transport. They implement a course concept that creates a synthesis of theoretical knowledge acquisition and practical relevance.


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