Our Free Learning Nuggets

A nugget is a small lump of gold or other precious metal found ready-formed in the earth.

Our free Learning Nuggets are short training units that condense the transport knowledge and experience acquired by Deutsche Bahn throughout its 185-year history into bitesize chunks. We want to inspire you by sharing our know-how and creating new experiences in a great online learning setting.

DB Rail Academy’s nuggets provide insights into various rail and transportation sector topics, with each session guided by one or more Deutsche Bahn experts. During our live online trainings, you will gain an understanding about various technical fields within a mixed traffic transportation system as well being given the opportunity to ask questions of Deutsche Bahn’s industry leading experts. Among other things, our keynote speakers will report on developments within the sector and give tips on how to challenge those.


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Participation in these online training is free of charge. You simply need to register for your favorite Learning Nugget. If you have registered for a free online session but are unable to attend, you will still receive the presentations after the event.

Following completion of the online training, you will be asked to participate in a short survey. Participation in this survey is voluntary.

Our Sessions

Our Upcoming Learning Nuggets Series (English)


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Competency Management allows you to gain transparency about the competence structure in your company & effectively manage your investment in your employees. It offers various tools to set up employee structures strategically in the right way. Our free Learning Nugget series introduces the most important tools & shows how they help to sustainably increase your company’s success.

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Ralf Plitzkat, DB Engineering and Consulting

Even after the training, I received many comments and additional questions, which indicate that the whole idea of Learning Nuggets meets the expectations of different types of people.
Ralf Plitzkat

Alexander Hundenborn, DB AG

The resonance of the Learning Nugget was very good, after the session I received numerous new contacts and messages regarding the Learning Nugget and I was approached by other departments and companies.
Alexander Hundenborn

Oliver Schmidt, DB Engineering and Consulting

We received very good feedback for the Learning Nugget from all over the world. 75 participants from 37 countries joined us and I was approached by some participants for cooperation talks on future joint-projects.
Oliver Schmidt

How to register

Step I

Identify the sessions that you would like to participate in. For each session, you have to register yourself by clicking on the registration link.

Step II

A new window will then appear where you can fill out a registration form with your name & email address.

Step III

After successful registration, you will receive a system-generated invitation e-mail from Microsoft Teams with a link for the session. Please note that this email may also end up in your spam folder. 

Step IV

Keep the e-mail in a safe place. It contains information and login data for your participation. You can enter the learning nugget session by clicking the "Join Event" button in the email.

How to join the session

Join the session

Please click on the button "Join event" in the email you got after the registration to enter the session. Depending on the training, you can join 30 to 5 minutes before it starts.

Our Recommendations

Please note the following requirements for participation in our learning nugget session:

- A good internet connection

- We recommend to dial with a laptop or desktop PC to follow the training.

- Please make sure to use headphones with an integrated microphone for the online training.

- If possible, please stay at a quiet workplace.


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