Advanced Quality Management Tools

Advanced Quality Management tools aid companies to tackle multi-facetted, complex problems and find ideal solutions for deeper rooted problems that go beyond daily business.

Advanced Quality Management Tools
Course Level
Type of Course

Should have basic knowledge and practical experience of Quality Management

Your benefits 
  • Add advanced quality management tools to your repertoire
  • Learn how to select the right tools that can be used when the problem is recurring or overarching (like organizational or process-interface-problems)
  • Broaden your knowledge by getting to know a new perspective of QM: Agile Quality Management

Course content
Basic Quality Management (QM) tools are fine for solving simple problems like superficial and singular occurrences. However, many problems are more complex or have become deeply rooted in the organization, possibly even affecting the whole company. Such problems require a wider approach and advanced methodology and thus advanced QM tools come into play. 

In this online course you will get to know tools that are useful for tackling multi-facetted problems. After discussing the contribution of QM to the corporate strategy and detecting that modern business models require a new way of managing quality, you will be introduced to and examine tools using case studies that address complex and demanding problems that a QM might be tasked to solve. 

  • Why some problems re-occur: a wider perspective on Quality Management
  • What the Quality Manager must understand about strategy development and deployment and why: The new role of QM
  • How to overcome interface problems: Tools and designs to overcome silo-thinking
  • Facts and communication: Tools and procedures to discuss problems in a fact-oriented manner and overcome biases

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