Online Training Specification and Proof of RAMS

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) is a decision-making key factor in railway business to improve the operational effectiveness.

Online Training Specification and Proof of RAMS
Course Level
Type of Course

Should have attended course Online Training Fundamentals of Railway RAMS or have similar knowledge

Your benefits 
  • Understand how RAMS is integrated during railway systems’ development
  • Learn how to build a justifiable safety case
  • Know how to ensure a successful 3rd party safety assessment

Course content
Product liability is gaining importance for the entire rail system in times of growing ridership, increasing digitalization and shorter product lifecycles. Each stakeholder must demonstrate that the rail system is safe, reliable and predictable, with an acceptable residual risk level​, and that it can be economically operated and maintained.

This online course enables you to deepen your understanding of the concept of RAMS and why it is so important for a successful railway business. It builds on previous knowledge and provides you with an advanced understanding of RAMS in railways. Besides focusing on the integration of RAMS in the software and hardware development, you will learn how to interpret key aspects of RAMS requirements. Moreover, you will learn how to build a justifiable safety case and ensure a successful 3rd party safety assessment.

  • RAMS in software development
  • RAMS in hardware development
  • RAMS requirements interpretation
  • Safety case  
  • Safety assessment

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