Online Training Safety Management in Railway Business - Legal Fundamentals

Put safety first. Develop a good understanding of the relevant EU directives and EU regulations for a Safety Management System (SMS) and an Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM). Reflect on how to embed legal basics into existing company processes.

Online Training Safety Management in Railway Business - Legal Fundamentals
Course Level
Type of Course

Participants should either have taken the course Management Systems & Process Management or have an equivalent basic knowledge of management systems and process management

Your benefits
  • Deepen your knowledge and become familiar with the directive 798/2016 / EU of the European Community which specifies requirements for railway safety management
  • Gain a sound understanding of these prerequisites, learning how to embed them into existing company processes
  • Enhance your awareness for the challenges and implications of Safety Management Systems by looking closely at evaluating and monitoring processes
Course content
This online training provides you with a good overview of the national basics as well as the European foundations for a railway operation. Furthermore, it looks closely at a Safety Management System (SMS) and includes insights into the risk management process and stakeholders according to Common Safety Methods - Risk Assessment (CSM-RA). Moreover, it explains technical specifications and monitoring methods. It targets in particular people working with a safety management system, and those, who are or will be working as a safety officer / manager.   
  • European legal basics for a railway operation 
  • Safety Management System (SMS): policy & effects
  • The risk management process and stakeholders according to CSM-RA 
  • Scope and objective of EU regulations on CSM / ECM (Entity in charge of maintenance)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of processes in SMS
  • Technical specifications for interoperability (TSI)
  • Request for a safety certificate / safety permit
Next Steps
To enhance your knowledge and skills further in the area of Safety Management we will be offering more courses soon!

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