Fundamentals of Railway Brake Technology

The objective of this course is to learn and understand how the different railway brakes work to ensure a smoother and safer running of a railway.

Fundamentals of Railway Brake Technology
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No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Get an introduction to the basics of railway brake technology
  • Acquire knowledge of the basic functions of the main pneumatic parts of the air brake and the brake operation
  • Learn about the components, characteristics and design of freight/passenger train and traction unit brakes

Course content
The brake as a central element of rail vehicles is one of the basic elements for safe railway operation. Different types of brakes are used for rail vehicles. This training offers an in-depth insight into the different brake systems, their mode of operation and areas of application.

In this course you will understand the origin and principle of today's air brake. Furthermore, you will get to know and understand the basic functions of the most important pneumatic parts. Besides learning about the interrelationships of the components in the railway brake system, you will become aware of the security relevance of the system and their components. The knowledge acquired will be consolidated through interactive exercises. 

  • Origin and principle of railway brake technology 
  • Basic functions of the main pneumatic parts 
  • The brake operation 
  • Components, characteristics and design of freight/passenger train and traction unit brakes 

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