Online Training Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and DTO (Driverless Train Operation) are key elements for improving energy efficiency and increasing line capacity in the railroad sector.

Online Training Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Get an introduction to the topic of ATO and DTO
  • Expand or deepen already existing knowledge of ATO and DTO
  • Learn how to correctly interpret development ideas in advance
  • Acquire knowledge of the international ATO and DTO sector

Course content
ATO (automatic train operation) has already been in use for quite a while in railway systems worldwide. One of its key aims is the improvement of the frequency of the service. ATO is continuously being developed and also enables trains to operate without a driver in the cab (DTO: driverless train operation). Both ATO and DTO help to improve energy efficiency and increase line capacity in the railway sector. 

This online course enables you to gain a good overview and deep insight into the different ATO/DTO systems that have already been implemented internationally by analyzing and evaluating a large number of projects already in operation. Besides learning the advantages and disadvantages of different ATO/DTO systems and how to categorize them, you will get to know the international activities in this field and can take advantage of them for your own activities in this sector.

  • Definition and main principles of ATO and DTO
  • Overview of different ATO/DTO systems and grades of automation
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different ATO/DTO systems 
  • Risks and opportunities in automatic  and driverless train operation
  • International case studies  
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