Online Training Principles of Bogie Technology

This course includes all aspects of the design, operation and maintenance of the bogie, the wheelsets and their components for metros, freight, commuter and high-speed trains.

Online Training Principles of Bogie Technology
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Gain an overview of the different components of the bogie
  • Learn how to identify differences of bogies in different sectors (freight, commuter, high- speed)
  • Improve your knowledge about the maintenance of bogies

Course content
The bogie is the connection of the vehicle with the rail and has the task to carry the carbody and to guide, accelerate and brake the vehicle. Therefore, the safety requirements of bogies are extremely high and the design, the operation and the maintenance of the bogies have special importance.

In this online course you will see how a bogie is designed and you will learn which components are part of a bogie and how they interact. You will gain an overview of the different bogie designs for metro, freight, commuter and high speed trains. In addition, the principles, advantages and disadvantages of tilting technology are explained. To monitor safety critical components during operation, a high speed train has different systems, which you will get to know. Furthermore, you will get an impression of the different tests, which a bogie has to pass before it is authorized to be built into a train.

  • Requirements for bogies
  • Bogie and wheelset design 
  • Tilting technology
  • Monitoring systems
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

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