Online Training Principles of Signaling in System Rail

The objective is to understand principal signaling infrastructure elements and their relation to rail traffic to improve signaling quality, efficiency and safety.

Online Training Principles of Signaling in System Rail
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Learn about the importance of systems of control and safety for railway traffics 
  • Acquire a good understanding of the principal elements of signaling infrastructure and their relation to rail traffic as well as the principal safety requirements to be able to deduce further challenges in the future
  • Enhance your skills and abilities by learning under expert guidance how to analyze ways in which signaling technology might fail and which possible safeguarding measures can be adapted with the aim of ensuring a high quality of signaling operations for your company

Course content
It is important for rail operations to safeguard against signal failure and ensure principal safety requirements are met. This helps to ensure that a rail system is safe, reliable and predictable.

This online training provides you with an overview of systems of control and safety for railway traffics to ensure an efficient and safe rail operation. It looks at how systems of signaling work in practice and how technology can fail, leading to a deeper understanding of possible trouble spots and the implications for meeting safety requirements. By analyzing a variety of scenarios under expert guidance, you will be able to deduce where challenges lie and create potential secondary safeguarding levels.

  • German Railway history – Operation of trains before the invention of signaling    
  • Signaling in practice – failing of technology  
  • Analyzation & Creation (possible trouble spots and potential secondary safeguarding levels)  
  • How is geographic interlocking operated? 
  • General core elements of the safety and control principles of signaling 
  • Systems of signaling considering the local safety requirements of rail traffic  
  • Transferring the theory of signal box technology to further challenges and its implications 

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