Vocational Education

Shaping the next generation

It is important for the sustainable growth of the railway sector to identify & promote young talent at an early stage. Vocational Education is a comprehensive long-term program for a sustainable competence development that has a long tradition in Germany. It links school education with in-company development. As such, Deutsche Bahn invests heavily in its vocational education & combines theoretical courses, practical and on-the-job trainings to ensure that all newcomers are perfectly qualified for the transportation sector.

We support you with the introduction of Vocational Education in your organization by offering advice from the development of the concept to its final introduction.

Process of implementing vocational training

A tailored vocational training program

Depending on your needs we can either introduce vocational training as a new concept for your company or extend your existing training system by supplementing it with specific job profiles.
In both applications, our experts analyze key country-specific laws & regulations, collaborate with existing educational institutions & develop customized curricula to meet customer needs.

The process consists of the following steps:

Steps vocational training

Concept of an integraded system


Your Benefits

Professionalize your training program to

benefits vocational training

Professions for the transportation sector