Transport / Shipping Documentation

Understanding the primary and essential documents required for cargo transportation and their purpose helps to manage international trading processes effectively.

Transport / Shipping Documentation
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Recognize and understand the essential documentation required for transporting the goods as well as the abbreviations used for such documents
  • Identify each document's purpose, issuer and associated responsibilities of the parties involved in the shipping / transportation process 
  • Learn more about different examples of each document

Course content
The transportation / shipping cycle involves many parties and stages, starting with the seller, moving onto packaging, brokerage, transporting, warehousing, and ending with the final buyer or consignee. Thus, to accompany and manage such complex international trading processes certain documents have been developed and are now used worldwide.

In this online course you will explore some of these documents learning about the purpose of each and how it is used, who is the main issuer and what responsibilities it involves for each / which party. Moreover, different forms of this document will be presented, elaborating on the details as well as the differences that occur due to countries and issuers.

  • Purpose of documentation in the transportation process
  • Listing and naming the basic documents stating the most common abbreviations used
  • Identifying each document highlighting details and purpose
  • Defining the issuer of each document elaborating on the responsibilities each document adds for each party involved within the transportation cycle
  • Examples for each document
  • Differences between documents according to the issuer/country

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