Infrastructure: Inspection & Maintenance

Every rail infrastructure system worldwide requires a comprehensive maintenance program, which helps to ensure that the rail-related infrastructure can be used efficiently and safely.

Infrastructure: Inspection & Maintenance
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Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Acquire a sound knowledge of track maintenance basics and strategies
  • Gain valuable insights into the latest technologies and digital maintenance solutions from DB’s experience
  • Learn more about the usage and functions of inspection cars as well as how maintenance devices can support processes
  • Enhance the efficiency of your rail system by learning which factors and impacts need to be considered when planning your maintenance 

Course content
Rail infrastructure needs to function properly to ensure a safe and reliable operation. Due to the constant use during operation, it is important to inspect and maintain infrastructure regularly. The actual maintenance work consists of many different activities, requiring considerable resources and an adequate budget, which need a precise planning.

In this course you will be introduced to infrastructure maintenance and its basics as well as different maintenance strategies. Rail-related infrastructure covers all the structures, buildings, land and equipment to support railways, however, the focus here lies on track inspection and maintenance. You will learn what needs to be considered right from the start regarding asset management in relation to maintenance to make the correct decisions for your rail system. Moreover, you will build up your knowledge on the usage and functions of inspection cars, and also learn about how maintenance devices can support processes. By analyzing and evaluating international case studies, you will learn how to optimize the reliability and productivity of your rail system by implementing a well-structured maintenance plan, and which factors and their impacts need to be taken into account.

  • General maintenance parameters
  • Track maintenance
  • Maintenance disciplines
  • Maintenance vehicle
  • Asset Management for maintenance
  • Digital maintenance solutions
  • Maintenance side impacts

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