Chat Bots and Voice Solutions in Rail Business

Voice interaction with computers will fundamentally change how customers and employees at rail companies interact with technology and allow new digitalization use cases.

Chat Bots and Voice Solutions in Rail Business
Course Level
Type of Course

- IT or technology background
- Programing know-how

Your benefits 
  • Gain insights into example use cases of voice interaction systems in the rail industry
  • Get to know the basics of voice input and output 
  • Deepen your knowledge of the technology of chatbots

Course content
Naturally spoken language is our most common interaction method. In the past, human-machine-interaction was a factor of sci-fi movies – today this next step of how we interact with computers is here. At the Deutsche Bahn Group, several projects use the potential of voice in human-machine-interactions. Chatbots reduce loads on hotlines and voice assistant plugins help customers with ticket orders. Wearable devices allow data input in areas, where the hands of the employees need to be free. A talking, multi-language robotic head and digital avatar provide new ways of customer and employee services.

In this course you will learn more about the steps taken so far with these innovative and digital solutions, the current state of technology and challenges ahead of us. Furthermore, you will gain inspiration and tips for usage in your own business.

  • Introduction and overview of voice in- and output
  • Current state of the technology and limitations
  • User interaction design for voice dialogues
  • Voice interaction for hands free human-machine-interactions
  • Examples from current projects within the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Development of an own chatbot
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