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About Us

We prepare our clients to succeed in the railway world of tomorrow.

As full-service training provider, DB Rail Academy brings the comprehensive expertise of Deutsche Bahn Group, derived from over 185 years of successfully running railways, to our clients. 

We impart this expertise in a wide variety of practice-oriented training courses and programs across all disciplines from infrastructure and rolling stock technology through maintenance and operations, digitalization and logistics. With our wealth of DB experience, we know exactly where to transfer knowledge - from the idea to the operation.

Our training services also complement our HR Consulting and Implementation Services. Companies need to ensure they and their workforce are well-prepared to utilize their current competencies and talents and build on them efficiently and effectively to meet new challenges ahead. We not only help companies to recognize employee potential and upcoming organizational changes but also to develop and implement sustainable plans and solutions to ensure your company’s future success.

We support you to:

  • Strengthen your company's competencies and capabilities 
  • Deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills 
  • Become faster and more efficient
  • Increase employee satisfaction and mobilize potentials


4 aspects that make us unique:

Unique Selling Points

Train mehtodology


Interdisciplinary expertise out of one hand

Our professional trainers utilize various teaching methods and learning formats to impart the technical expertise accumulated by Deutsche Bahn throughout its over 185-year history. As experts in their field, they know what is important and how to convey this knowledge in the best way. They not only share their expertise with our participants, but also provide mentoring during training sessions. 

All our professional experts have a unique combination of experience, intercultural and educational skills. With at least 10 years of experience and the constant training, we give them to acquire new specific skills, our experts are able to perform at the highest standards. Together, we will contribute to the sustainable improvement of the railway system of tomorrow.

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